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360 Consulting offers professional quality virtual tours, aerial photography, and digital business card services for customers in Salt Lake City, Boise, and the Seattle area. We offer services for:


  • Taken with HDR Professional Cameras
  • Full production + 3D floor plans
  • No blown out windows
  • 100% Money Back Happiness Guarantee

When Good Enough… Isn’t Good Enough

If you can’t stomach the blown out windows and pixelated virtual tours… you’ve come to the right page. We’re all about taking High Definition Rendered (HDR), bracketed panoramas of your business, hotel, restaurant, real estate or vacation rental. Get a FREE no-obligation quote.


Professional Shoot

Full service on-site professional shoot.


  • On-Site Virtual Tours: Up to 3 Aerial Panoramas and up to 10 Interior Panoramas delivered as a Fully Interactive Virtual Tour with 3D google capabilities. 30 HD Still Photos available at additional cost
  • Amazing 2D or 3D Floor Plans: B&W, Color and 3D floor plans available MLS-Compliant Virtual Tours Creates branded tours & MLS compliant tour.
  • Your Logo, Your Icons: Add your own logo and custom navigation icons.
  • SPECIAL Discounts on Floor Plans: Add a 2D or 3D floor plan to any tour. Just pick the one you want below and order.
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Aerial 360 Mast Shots

Order an elevated 360 mast shot with your tour for just $95 more. It’s like a drone aerial 360 shot, but without the hassle. No police permissions to shoot, no insurance. No headaches.


  • VPiX elevated mast shots look just like a drone shot, but at less than half the price. See the example below.
  • VPiX elevated mast 360 panoramas are just $95 when you add them to any Professional Shoot 360 tour package on the left.
On Site Options

Digital Business Cards

Digital Business Cards are among the hottest growing trends today -- a digital business card saves trees and lets you add your contact information, social media links, contact forms, intake forms for customers to fill out, links to your website and VPiX virtual tours.

Meishi Digital Business Cards give your clients instant access to reaching you on your terms and only on the social media and chat apps you use.


  • Showcase: Put any elements of your business on the card with instant links to your website.
  • Intake Forms: Intake forms are used by clients linked directly on your business card. Schedule a showing, buyer qualifications and much more.
  • Progressive App: Meishi Digital Business Cards aare progressive. They are 100% HTML based but clients save them like an app to their iPhone or Android smartphone. Amazing!

Digital Business Card

Digital business cards are the future, nearly 77% of small and medium businesses in the US believe that a digital presence helps them in customer acquisition. The Meishi Digital Business Cards are now finally available in North America and you can get yours right here for just one annual payment of $330. Click here to order yours now.

VR Tours For Yachts & Boats

Thinking about selling or buying a yacht? 360 Consulting helps you create luxury virtual reality tours designed to help give people the experience of being there themself. We are America’s premier luxury yacht virtual tour company.

Selling a yacht takes a lot more than simply putting up a “For Sale” sign. Without a strong internet presence, with excellent photographs, detailed description, and more, you may be hard-pressed to appeal to potential yacht buyers. 360 Consulting can help you sell your yacht by providing potential buyers with as immersive an experience as possible, without them every having to even leave their homes. We offer:

  • Yacht virtual tour photography
  • Yacht aerial photography
  • Yacht HDR photography
  • And more

All you have to do is choose the date you’d like us to shoot all the footage, and then certified photographers arrive with all the best equipment to take the shots you want. Our skilled team of editors then stitch together the panormas and produce for you the final product. Contact us now to learn more!


If you rent out or are selling a private aircraft, or simply want to show off the one you have, a 3D virtual panoramic tour created for it will be extremely useful! Aircraft 360 degree photography and virtual tours provide potential buyers with a unique way of experiencing the space, especially when viewed through a VR headset. We create unbeatable quality 4K panoramic pictures of the interior and exterior of the aircraft, creating an ideal sales tool for trade shows and even for art exhibits. Contact 360 Consulting to learn more!

Car Dealerships

Improve sales by getting a virtual tour created to show off your dealership from 360 Consulting. 360 videos and pictures and drone footage are both fantastic ways to rev-up the sales numbers at your dealership, expand outreach, and exhibit your luxury showroom. Give customers 24/7 access to your showroom to increase your competitiveness against others in the industry. Provide your customers with greater comfort and peace of mind by providing them with visual information through HD panoramic images of your showroom!

  • 360 virtual tours
  • Architectural photography
  • Aerial drone photography

Condos & Apartment Communities

Apartment communities and condos are most successful when residents are happy and all units are filled. Providing desirable amenities with reasonable up-front costs can attract all the right people to moving into your condos or apartment community. Our high-end real estate photography services give you an advantage over the competition and allow you to more effectively showcase what life in your communities will be like for new residents.

The immersive quality of 360° virtual tours provide prospective tenants with more information and stronger visual appeals for moving into your community. Showing them your full array of amenities in HD from the comfort of their own homes gets them quickly invested and imagining the satisfaction they will get from those amenities. Our services are a surefire way to give your business a competitive edge and fill vacancies faster.

Many real estates experts already know all about the advantages of professional 3D photography for improving sales. Imagery plays a key role in any form of online sales, and particularly in real estate, it can’t be emphasized enough how critical quality photography can be. No longer are viewing times limited to working hours on weekdays only, and no longer do potential residents need to be in the area to feel confident moving forward with their commitment to moving into your community. Contact us now to learn more about how virtual 3D panoramic photography can dramatically reduce vacancies by attracting more new residents.

Vacation Rentals

People all over the world love traveling to interesting areas for the experience. Yet on paper, people may not immediately grasp the difference between a hotel and a cozy vacation rental. That’s where 360 Consulting comes in. We provide potential renters with an immersive experience of the location they are considering to rent. Since more than 90% vacation rentals are ultimately chosen because of the look and feel of the property, it is crucial that your vacation rental has high-quality real estate photography. To really differentiate your vacation rental from other options, a 360° virtual tour can have a massive impact. Our other services can also help quite a bit, for example, aerial drone and architectural photography. Help future renters envision themselves already enjoying their vacation at your property!

Fitness Centers

Want to increase membership enrollment at your fitness center? The key to success is finding a way to keep new people coming through the front doors and getting them to sign up for the gym. People interested in working out typically look for gyms that meet their expectations and criteria. Location is important, but so is the set-up, equipment, and overall aesthetic. The experience of being in your gym is somewhat difficult to provide online. However, with virtual tour services with HDR photography and 360° panoramic imagery, you can provide potential memes with full access to the gym from the comfort of their home computer or cellphone. This is a fantastic way to introduce people to your space, giving you more control in how it’s presented and showcasing all your most compelling features.

360 Consulting offers very competitive pricing for virtual reality tour photography and more for customers in Salt Lake City, Boise, and the Seattle area. Contact us today to learn more!

Nightclubs & Bars

As a nightclub or bar, you’re always looking for new ways to bring in new business. However, traditional advertising can get expensive. Utilizing your online profiles and website to the max is an extremely viable and cost-effective way of bringing in more business.

One way of making the most of your platforms is to include professional quality walkthroughs of your venue to help potential customers and patrons get a clear idea of why they would want to visit. Show off your art, your inventory, your trendy decor, and more by getting a 3D virtual tour of your nightclub or bar from 360 Consulting today!

Other Industries We Serve

We can help a wide array of different industries — from small businesses and real estate to large companies and more! On top of the industries covered above, we also work with:

  • Restaurants!
  • Apartment communities!
  • Resorts!
  • Venues & event spaces!
  • Senior living communities!
  • Commercial real estate companies!
  • Universities and schools!
  • Golf courses!
  • Hotels!
  • Museums!
  • Music performances & special events!
  • Factories!
  • Warehouses!
  • Real estate!
  • Office buildings!
  • And more!

360 Consulting also offers do-it-yourself solutions for panoramic photography. We offer 3D camera equipment rental services, connect you with 3D camera sellers, and offer consulting/training services as well.

Whatever your needs, we’re here to help!


Professional 3D & 360° Virtual Tour Photography in Salt Lake City, Boise, & Seattle

As the preferred provider of exceptional real estate and business photography and marketing services, 360 Consulting combines creativity and cutting-edge technologies to offer the most advanced, reliable solutions for promoting your business and increasing sales through multimedia content, created by our team. With a commitment to continuous improvement, we strive to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients, business partners.

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