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Small Business Retailers Outlast the Pandemic With Safe, Immersive Virtual Reality Shopping

Retail businesses around the world, including right here in Salt Lake City, have been closing left and right, with tens of thousands closing their doors for good. The small businesses that come out on the other side of this economic recession (if not depression) will come out of it having adapted to the changing market circumstances, having shown enormous resilience, and having acted decisively to maintain a viable market share. One key problem for retail businesses is customers by and large have shifted to doing their shopping from home and online, instead of in-person, due to safety risks and state and federal regulations. This gives companies with an already strong sales presence online a massive advantage, which is why we’ve seen companies such as Amazon profiting so enormously in 2020 and into the foreseeable future.

However, in adversity appears opportunity. Your business’s previous appeal still is likely effective, it just needs to get reconnected with the customers. Now, you may have social media and other marketing platforms to keep business afloat, but in these difficult times, even that may not be enough to stay profitable… or even afloat.

In the rapidly virtualizing e-commerce space, aggressively adapting to that change now will help you reap early-innovator advantages and position you favorably in the long-term, as the e-commerce sector diversifies further.

Introducing Virtual Tour E-Commerce

Transport people to your store virtually by getting virtual tours taken and then integrating QR codes for products you sell — from menu items to merchandise! These changes were underway before the pandemic, but now the value of creating such an experience for your customers is no longer simply a luxury “extra component” of your marketing strategy, but a potential gamechanger. Virtual tours give potential customers the ability to shop your store as if they were there in person, but from the comfort and security of their own home. Elevate the shopping experience of customers, provide greater access to your products, and give your business the virtual 3D retail tour advantage. Making a virtual reality store is an effective, inexpensive way of adapting to the challenges we all are facing in the face of a severe recession. If you are in Salt Lake City, 360 Consulting can provide you with virtual tours done by professionals or equipment to do it yourself

Utilize Virtual Tours to Differentiate Your Marketing

  • 24/7 “like-you’re-there” experiences
  • Customers can explore the space from the comfort of their own home
  • Adapt to the changing sales landscape post-pandemic
  • Show off the quality of your products, your interior space, and more
  • Bonus: Use more than one panoramic position to take your virtual tour to the next level
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Immersive Experience

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Integrate With Your eCommerce Strategy

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Attract a wider client-base

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Tell Your Story

Virtual Reality for eCommerce

While it may still feel trendy or futuristic, intelligent retailers willing to use all avenues available to market their products know that the time for virtual reality marketing is upon us. Creating a virtual store for customers to peruse as if in-person is only the start, however. From there, an HDR version of the interior of your shop can be augmented to show graphics and other content, superimposed on the mobile device or VR headset the customer is using. The amount of information and degree of usefulness associated with VR ecommerce has many advantages over traditional in-person shopping, such as location issues, bad weather, and more.

A 360° virtual tour gives online customers a convenient, immersive experience of your establishment, without them ever needing to even get in their car. In many cases, it’s not just like “being there,” it’s actually better! Why is that? Because you as the owner control more about the experience than you otherwise could. Don’t let bad weather dampen the satisfaction of potential buyers, rely on VR technology and the professional panoramic photographers at 360 Consulting to create an immersive, on-brand presentation of your business designed to dramatically improve conversions, for a very reasonable price.

All you have to do is choose the date you’d like us to shoot all the footage, and then a certified photographer will arrive with all the best equipment to take the shots you want. Our skilled team of visual design professionals then get to work producing the final panorama(s) for you, which can then be integrated with augmented reality technology to include VR codes, special promotions, and more. Sound like something you’d like to give a try? Turn your struggling brick and mortar business into a successful e-commerce virtual store with the help of 360 Consulting today. Contact us now for a free quote or to schedule a demo!

Salt Lake City Is Primed to Lead The Post-Pandemic Recovery

Salt Lake City is uniquely positioned to have a massive recovery following the coronavirus pandemic, due to the uniquely diversified economy, with a young media talent pool and strong technology, financial, and health and wellness sectors, in particular. Our state’s low median age (the lowest in the country) and highest birth rate, makes Utah a prime location for economic growth and small business abundance in the foreseeable future. However, to reap the benefits of our demographics, you first have to give your business the tools it needs to survive the current pandemic and associated recession. 

Turning your brick-and-mortar business into a successful e-commerce virtual shop is an e-commerce marketing strategy you would be imprudent to ignore. Learn more about how 360° virtual tour technology can be leveraged to strengthen your online marketing and utilize augmented retail virtual tours to improve your business’s ability to survive and profit, even during difficult financial times such as now. 

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